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Wetland Consulting

Wetland consulting has been at the core of our business since the company was founded over 15 years ago.  Our staff of competent professionals provides a wide range of consulting services involving wetland delineation, evaluation, permitting, and training.

Wetland Delineation and Evaluation:   Water Resources has the ability to assess wetland quality and accurately delineate wetland boundaries using the latest U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and EPA protocols.  Our experience also allows us to work with our clients to clearly determine project feasibility on the front end.  We also offer less expensive, screening-level investigations for clients wishing to completely avoid wetland impacts.

Wetland Permitting:  Wetland permitting requires both an extensive knowledge of environmental regulations, and a solid understanding of the natural resources potentially affected by a project.  Our multidisciplinary team of natural resource professionals and permitting specialists possess the knowledge and experience to successfully assist our clients in obtaining permits.  Furthermore, Water Resources’ long-standing relationships and credibility with regulators means an expedited permitting process for our clients.

Wetland Training:  Water Resources’ has long been recognized by the local wetland regulatory agencies as a leader in that field.  Because of our extensive knowledge of wetland vegetation and delineation procedures we have been invited to conduct field-oriented training classes for the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Nashville District and the Tennessee Valley Authority.  Oak National Laboratory has also contracted with Water Resources to provide training to its Natural Resources staff in the identification of wetland graminoids (grass-like plants).