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Water Resources’ 115 acre Nelson County Wetland Bank, Boston, KY Emergent Wetland Habitat
Water Resources’ 115 acre Nelson County Wetland Bank, Boston, KY Young Bottomland Habitat

Wetland Banking

Wetland banking is the process of restoring or creating wetland habitat for the express purpose of compensating for unavoidable habitat losses in advance of foreseeable development actions.  Wetland banks provide the opportunity for developers to pay for their mitigation needs up front and allow them to satisfy state and federal mitigation requirements without any further responsibility.  That responsibility is transferred directly to the banker.

Water Resources is a pioneer in wetland banking.  We were the first to establish a wetland bank in Kentucky and helped to shape the rules governing banking in that state.  Our Louisville, Kentucky-area banks service 13 counties and provide both bottomland hardwood and emergent wetland credits.  Our new bank in Greeneville, Tennessee services the Knoxville metropolitan area and 14 surrounding counties in East Tennessee.

The purchase of bank credits is currently the preferred alternative for all mitigation required under Sections 404 and 401 of the Clean Water Act.

Water Resources has credits available in both its Kentucky and Tennessee banks »